Backyard Drive In Movie

I have had this idea of a “Kids Drive-In” for a couple of years but waited till the kids were a little older to really enjoy it. Brooke loves movies and Luke will watch some of one now so I figured why not now! Plus the weather lately has been cool for July, so we even had a few people wearing light jackets tonight!

When I invited some of our friends to come over, I asked them to bring either a cozy coupe car, lawn chair or blanket for a backyard drive-in. All the little cards that showed up so was fun. It really looked like what I had pictured in my head, A Kids Drive-In! When it was time to start the movie, I gave each of them a tin pan to hold all their goodies and this worked out so great! They got to choose from cookies, candy, popcorn and Capri sun! The kids seemed to really enjoy the drive-in as well as the parents! I am sure we will be having another one in the fall.










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