Night Before Kindergaten

Brandon and I celebrated our 8th anniversary and on our way home I began to cry, like really cry. The kids were with my mom so I just was really emotional thinking about Brooke starting Kindergarten and just cried. I had known this day was coming but it was right around the corner and tonight it just hit me, hard!

Today, we got got up and went to church like normal. I didn’t tell Brooke nor did she know I cried like a baby last night over her going to Kindergarten but when I picked her up from Sunday school her teacher stopped me. He said, I just wanted you to know that she made something for you today. Brooke was told to make something about what she like or loved and so she asked her teacher for help. She said, “I just love my mommy so much and love spending time with her and love doing things with her so, I want to make something for my mommy.” he suggested writing my name and then she said I want to draw hearts all around it. How he explained this to me was so cute because he said she was so excited to make this for me! I held the tears back but almost lost it again, thinking the Lord truly is good and works in so many ways, even in my daughter! I needed to hear these words, the necklace she made me is one of the most precious gifts she has and ever will give me because not only does it represent her feelings for me it reminded me of how the Lord takes care of me and will give me peace when needed. See one of my fears was that Brooke and I wouldn’t be spending as much time together as mother and daughter and that our bond may weaken but today that fear was released and this necklace represents that to me!

Before going to bed we read a book together called “the night before Kindergarten.” Brandon then read to her like he does every night and we tucked our sweet little girl in for her first school night! How blessed I am to be Brooke’s mom and I look forward to watching her grow in so many ways this upcoming year as a kindergartner!





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