Luke’s First Gymnastics Class

Today Luke started gymnastics and he was so excited! The first thing he got to do was jump on the trampoline and he did such a great job jumping and doing all the things his coach wanted him to. He was being a really good listener so I was very happy and proud of him. He then had circle time and then we moved on to the rotation area. Here, Luke got to do front rolls, walk on the parallel bars going frontwards, sideways and backwards and several other areas. The one I was most impressed with Luke was the bar. He is so strong and was able to do exactly what the coach wanted him to do. The coach was impressed and Luke got to ring the bell for hanging on the bar and putting his feet to the bar by himself. Luke also got to swing on the rope swing but let go on 1 rather than 3, so maybe next time he will sing a few more times! We had such a great first day at gymnastics and I can’t wait to watch Luke learn more at gymnastics!








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