Forney Football

Our Friday nights are sometimes spent at the Forney high school football games, and we love it. Luke and Brooke ask all the time if we are going to a football game. I really think they like seeing Darby and the jackrabbit the most but they still enjoy their time when we go! Tonight, Brooke’s friend Carly was at the game and came and sat with us. The kids pretty much kept themselves entertained all night and loved each others company! Luke even got to wear Mrs. Janet’s button of Darby and was so proud of it! We love our Friday nights watching football and spending time together as a family!




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Doris Campbell
October 27, 2014 at 6:42 pm | Link

It is great to see my granddaughter take time to spend with children, she is a very sweet and caring person. Makes me so proud of her.

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