Trip to St. Louis

Our trip to St. Louis started at 5:30 this morning. We had packed the car last night so all we needed to really do is get dressed and get in the car. We got ourselves dressed and then got the kids in the car. The kids fell asleep pretty quickly again and so did I. We drove into Oklahoma and stopped for breakfast at McDonald’s. We got out and let the kids play some in the play ground before driving some more. Our next major stop was in Springfield Missouri at the Bass Pro there.

We got to the Bass Pro early afternoon and I had forgotten had big this store was. Luke and Brooke love “The Fish Store” and so this one was even more exciting for them. They loved that Santa was even fishing outside on the roof! This bass pro was so cool and had so much to look at. I think we saw about 10 different aquariums while we were there. They of course had their Santa-land set up since it was 2 days before Christmas, so we played in there and rode the carousel! Brandon was fascinated with all the different lure options they had and so we let him look and shop while we played and looked at fish. They even had owls, snakes and other animals for the kids to see and touch while we were there.

After Bass Pro, we stopped for lunch and then made our way to St. Louis. We were the last ones to arrive and got there around 6pm. We were so glad to finally be at there house and get out of the car. We had a fabulous dinner and had a wonderful time catching up and chatting with family! We can’t wait for all the other activities we have in store for this week!













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