Day 4 in St. Louis

This morning my mom and I woke up pretty early and hit up the local target to see what we could find! Every year her and I go and do this and I thought it wasn’t going to happen since we were out of town, but we made it happen and had fun together! After everyone woke up several people went their separate ways to do different things. Brandon, Brooke, Luke, Nana, Allison and I went to the zoo. My kids and well all of us love animals so we thought this would be the perfect spot to hit while in St. Louis. We got there and began to walk around and quickly learned that several things were under construction and several animals were not out on display. I was now thinking this would be a total bust of a trip but as we continued walking we saw some animals! The hippo exhibit was by far my favorite this time. Seeing these hippos swim right up against the glass was pretty spectacular! After the zoo we went back to Ton and Gerry’s for lunch and to hang out.

Later that day, My mom, Melissa, Allison and I went shopping at Hobby Lobby. They were pretty wiped out by the time we got there but we still managed to find a few things! We had a not too busy day but it was a lot of fun and spending time with the family was a blast!












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