Spider-Man Cookies

Luke loves Spider-Man and so I wanted to do something special for him to take to his classmates for his Valentine. I made these for him while he was at school, and they turned out so cute! I was so excited to show him the cookies when he got home from mother’s day out. I showed him the cookies and his little face just lit up! He knew right away they were Spider-man and asked if he could eat one too! I could not wait to share these with his friends and for Luke and Brooke to enjoy one too!




A few people asked how I made these so I decided to give directions just in case you wanted to make these Spider-Man cookies yourself!

First I made a batch of heart shaped sugar cookies. I don’t share my cookie recipe, but there are a TON of great recipe’s for you to use! So just pick your favorite and make some fabulous cookies! After they sat out overnight, I made my royal icing. I use 2 different consistencies with these cookies, Piping and Flood Icing. Once you have your icing ready, add color. I used red, black and white icing for the Spider-Man cookies! I also made a template for the eyes out of paper, so that all the eyes would be the same and in the same spot. I just drew them on a piece of copy paper, cut the eyes out then drew the eyes on the cookies with a food marker before doing the icing over the tracing. (I hope that makes sense).

Red Piping
Red Flood
Black Piping
White Flood

1. Trace your eyes on each cookie with a black food pen
2. Outline cookie with Red Piping Icing using a #2 tip
3. Outline your eyes over the tracing marks with black piping icing using tip #5
4. Flood your cookie with red flood icing all around the heart – not inside the eyes
5. Draw your black lines with your black piping icing using tip #2, I drew a line across then straight down making a cross then drew the other lines to make an “X”. You should have 4 lines total.
6. Then draw your spider web lines.
7. After the cookie has set for 2 hours or so, you can then flood the eyes with white flood icing.

I loved how these turned out and I hope that you give these a try! Let me know how they turn out for you guys and if you try them out!!!







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