Valentine’s at Windsor

During Valentines, I am up at Windsor a few days prior to Valentine’s and on Valentines Day. I really enjoy being up there and helping my mom out during this busy time of the year! On Friday, Brandon brought the kids up to see me and they each picked out something to give to me for Valentines. Brooke chose a pink flowering plant and Luke picked a half dozen lavender roses for me. They were so excited to give them to me, it just me so happy. Our days were busy, but we had a great time and made some beautiful arrangements for lots of people! On Saturday when I got home, Brooke wasn’t feeling good and began to run a fever. I took her in to the doctor and she ended having pink eye. She also was given antibiotics for strep throat even though the test was negative. So the rest of that day and next day, we relaxed and rested!







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