New Puppy – Baymax

Brandon and I have been thinking about getting another dog for a little while. When we really start looking, there really isn’t any going back because we both have our minds made up, we are getting one! We started looking around town at breeders and rescue places. The kids have been wanting a puppy and to be honest, so did I. We found a breeder in Dallas and took Luke to go check out their Golden Retriever puppies. They were all so cute and all looked very similar! The way we chose was I would pick a dog that caught me eye then out him back with the litter. I would walk away and then come back and pick a dog again. I picked the same dog 3 times so I knew this little guy was the one for us! I asked Luke what we should name him, and I thought for sure he would say god or puppy. Luke said “Baymax.” Baymax is a comic book character that Disney recently released a movie about called Big Hero 6. Baymax in the movie is big, fluffy and white just like our dog, so we thought this was a genius name for him! Brooke was at school when we picked Baymax out, so I could not wait for her to see and meet him for the first time. She rode home with her friend Carley after school and so when we picked her up, she got to see Baymax in the car for the first time! She was so excited and could not wait to get home and play with him!






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