Luke is 3

My sweet Luke is 3 years old and I am sure I will say this every year but it has gone by so fast! Luke has grown up to be this cute little boy and I cherish every day with him. His cute smile, blonde hair and blue eyes melt my heart every single day. I am so lucky and blessed to be his Mommy! He had a train birthday party, so we went downtown and snapped a few pictures a few weeks before for his invitation. I got him and Brooke train shirts to wear to his party, so he got to wear his for the pictures today! He and I had a fun time together and of course made me laugh!

















My Sweet Luke Luke,
You mean so much to me and brighten each and every day for me. Your smile, laugh, your blonde hair and blue eyes and your little voice just put a smile on my face all the time. You are such a funny little guy and have us laughing with you all the time. You steal Mommy’s heart for sure but you also steal Daddy’s and Brooke’s as well. You look up to Brooke so much and want to do exactly what she is doing. You do not see yourself any smaller or unable to do what she does. You have such a determined personality and I love that about you! You love to talk and we understand most of what you are saying and if we don’t you use gestures which are actually quite good, but that only happens on occasion because you are a big time talker! You love animals and love to pet and play with our cat and dogs as much as you can! Your heart is so caring and lovable and I am so thankful and blessed that you are my son!

Luke as you turn 3 today, I want to write to you to tell you some things. These are things that make you so special and things that I love about you:

You are so sweet and have such a tender heart
You are strong willed and do things your way and won’t back down
You are very independent, but at times still need and want Mommy’s help
You are so smart and love to learn new things
Your vocabulary blows me away and makes me smile at the words you use on a daily basis
You always want Mommy and Daddy to tuck you in at night and to hug and kiss you
You love to sneak out of your bed and crawl into bed with mommy and daddy
You love to talk and really love to sing
You love music and all musical instruments
You still love to sit with Mommy and snuggle with me at times
You are a Mommy’s boy and this is so special to me
I love to hear you laugh especially when I tickle you
You ask to pray and have such the sweetest little prayers
You have such a kind heart
You care about people and have a true and genuine concern for others
You use your manners and are so polite
You fight and pick on your sister but you truly love her
You love family hugs (where all 4 of us hug together)
You ask me to sleep in your bed with you at times
You like to get out of your bed to “tell me one more thing”
Your gross motor skills impress mommy and daddy all the time
You love to ride your bike
You can be a little bossy at times
I love all your facial expressions
I love how outgoing you are
I love that when you get home from Mothers Day out, you run and tell Daddy “We are home”
You like Spider-man and Star Wars characters
You love to be outside
You LOVE to wear your cowboy boots
You love to go pick up Brooke from school and miss her when she is there
You are so special to us and we love you so very much!

Happy 3rd Birthday Luke. Mommy loves you so much!

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