Navarre Florida

Brandon’s family tries to get together once every couple years for a family reunion. This year we chose Navarre Florida. Brandon, the kids and I went to Navarre last year and loved it, so we were excited to go back again this year. We drove the whole way which took about 12 hours with stops, so when we arrived in Florida, all of us were ready to get out of the car! Brooke and Luke did great in the car but enjoyed the stops we took for sure! Once we got into Florida, we stopped at the visitors center and then made our way to the condo. We got to stay on the 19th floor, in the penthouse which was the top floor. The place was really nice and since there was still some light out, we went down to the beach just to put our feet in the sand and feel the water!

We were the only ones who had arrived so far. Uncle Tom and Aunt Gerry would be arriving later tonight. The rest of the family wouldn’t be showing up till Tuesday or Wednesday, so we had a few days with just them which was really fun! My kids love Uncle Tom (aka T-Rex) and Aunt Gerry. Uncle Tom got the name T-Rex by Luke on this trip. Tom asked Luke how to spell T-Rex and Luke replied “TOM.” WE all died laughing because really he doesn’t know how to spell but somehow he spelled Tom’s name and we all thought it was hilarious!










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