Baylor – Sic Em Bears

My best friend Jamie and her husband Bubba, asked Brandon and I to come to the Baylor game with them. We of course said yes! I could not wait to get to Waco and see my Bears play! Brooke had a soccer game at 11:30 that morning, so right after her game, Brandon and I drove to Waco. Our sweet friends Lacey and Ben kept the kids while we were in Waco, which was so nice of them to do. We got to the game a little late but they were still in the first quarter! I absolutely loved being at the game with Brandon and with Jamie and Bubba! After the game, we hit up a gift shop, ate at our favorite restaurant-Teks and then got dessert at Katy’s Custard! We had such a great time in Waco and our Baylor Bears beat Rice so that made it even better!









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