Brooke’s Halloween Bash

I love throwing little parties for Brooke and today we were both excited about her Halloween party! I let her pick 8 of her girlfriends from school to walk home with us and then do some Halloween crafts and decorate cupcakes. Picking up 9 girls from school was so much fun! They all ran out together and all had the biggest smiles on their faces ready to go! They were so cute!

When we got home, they were thirsty and hungry, so they had their snacks first. I made spider peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pumpkin shaped honeydew melon with grapes, eye balls (they were just white cheddar cheese balls) and snack cake goblins! Luke and Cutler also joined in on the fun and had their own little table and craft to do. They didn’t stay there too long, they ate and then went up stairs and played the entire time!

The girls first made spool creatures that were ghost, bats, monsters, pumpkins or Frankenstein. They then made a pumpkin picture frame and then got to make spider cupcakes. They girls seemed to all have a wonderful time and Brooke loved having her friends over for some Halloween fun! I hope she will remember these little parties and the memories that were created forever!










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