American Girl Doll Store

Brooke is out for Thanksgiving break and she made a list of all the things she would like to do while she is out of school. This girl cracks me up because I did not ask her to do this, she just came up with it on her own! Her list was very detailed and one item on the list was to go to the American Girl Doll Store. I asked Nana if she wanted to go with us and so we made lunch reservations for the 4 of us to eat lunch and shop! Luke is still little so he got to go too, but I know when he gets older this place will never be a place he will want to go to until he becomes a dad with a daughter. But until then, which is a very very long time fro now, he goes with us and has fun! The lunch at the bistro is so cute and so much fun! The kids love that the dolls have high chairs that go on the table, that they dolls get cups and plates and this time they pretended to feed their dolls. To say the least they had a great time! After we ate and shopped some, we went to go watch the ice skaters and even saw Santa since there wasn’t a line for him. Brooke told Santa she wanted an American Girl Doll and a turkey. Yes, a turkey so she could feed her family turkey. I explained to her that we would have a turkey for lunch on Christmas but she insisted on asking Santa for a turkey. Luke asked for a football and just toys in general. We had a wonderful day and checked one more item off of Brooke’s list!















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