Brooke’s Eye Appointment

Brooke’s eye have always watered, especially when she watched t.v. but here recently they have been watering more frequently. Our pediatrician told us to have them checked by an ophthalmologist just to make sure nothing was wrong. It was just Brooke and I who went to the appointment and so we had some good mommy and daughter time. They had her put on several pairs of funny glasses and I wish I had gotten a picture of that, it was so cute and funny! They ran several tests and one was to see how fast her drainage system worked. They put colored eye drops in her eyes, that would move through her nose and down her throat. These drops ended p tasting bad and she threw up 3 times. I felt so bad for her but thankfully, we were able to finish all the tests and everything came back normal. Her eyes also got dilated so she had to wear these “cool” sunglasses. She also thought it was pretty neat to see how big her eyes were! Even though she got sick, I am glad that everything is fine with her eyes and that they just water!






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