After School Fun

Today after school, I picked up 12 of Brooke’s girl friends and we all walked home to our house. Luke had two friends come over too, which he was so excited about! It was a little hot outside, so we were thankful when Misty came by so we could put all of the back packs in her car. The girls loved being picked up all together and walking home. Once we got to our house they all ran up stairs and just started screaming. Apparently they started a screaming game! I bought a ton of snacks for them, so after they played some, we went outside and had a snack. I also had a craft for them to do. Each girl, Luke, Cutler and Parker made a bird feeder. I bought sugar ice cream cones, the kids spread peanut butter on that then sprinkled bird seed on top of the peanut butter. We slipped a piece of yarn through the cone, so they could hang it up. Luke didn’t put bird seed on his, instead, he just ate his cone with peanut butter on it. After our craft, they rinsed off, which meant they got soak and wet, so I decided to take them to the park to play and dry off! These kids are so much fun and I am so glad Brooke and Luke have such great friends!


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