Mommy and Son Date | Legoland

Today, Luke and I are having a mother, son date! He was so excited and asked if he had to dress up for our date, sweet boy! I told him he didn’t have to because we were going to go to Legoland. He was so excited and I was looking forward to spending the day with my boy! When we got there, we were the only ones for a few minutes, so we got to ride several rides without a wait at all. Then a field trip showed up and that was no longer the case. Luke got to drive the truck all by himself, he loved building cars and racing them down the track, we watched the 4D movie which he thought was hilarious, and then we just played and explored. It was such a fun day at Legoland. After we were done, we went over to Rain Forest Cafe for lunch. We got to sit by the gorillas, which Luke absolutely loved. Spending this time with Luke before we leave for our trip was important to me and I ma glad we got to do it and had so much fun!


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