South Africa Here We Come!

Today, after Brooke’s fun run, we left to make our way to the airport to head to South Africa! Leaving and saying good bye to Brooke was so hard. I cried, she cried and hugged for quite some time! She has such a tender heart and I will miss my girl dearly! We then went home got all of our stuff together and then said good bye to Luke. He did great with the good bye, but I still shed a few tears. Melissa was at the house to watch Luke and then pick Brooke up from school later that day! Janie came to our house and picked us up to take us to DFW airport.

Once at the airport, security took a little while because they only had one x-ray going. We grabbed lunch at Fuddruckers at the airport before boarding the plane. Our flight was at 3:45pm Dallas time. WE arrived in London at 6:40am London time. Brandon and I didn’t sleep much at all on the plane. I could not get comfortable but thankfully we had all 3 seats and row to ourselves, so we got to spread out a little! We can’t wait to explore London!




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