South Africa – Day 7

Our morning began again at 5:30am. We had some hot chocolate and cookies before going on our 4th game drive. Today, we came across a herd of elephants and even had a baby elephant trumpet at us. The baby elephant was close to Brandon and he was looking the other way, so the trumpet startled Brandon a little. That little guy was so cute even if he was trying to be protective!

We then drove south not seeing much, till we saw a huge male Kudu up on the hill. We started to make on our to see him until a female Kudu flew in front of our car really fast. This kudu was running fast because a female lion was chasing her! It was amazing to see but the lion missed her kill and so the lion stopped and out of the trees came 7 more female lions. This was the River Pride. These lions were amazing and beautiful! Seeing them up close was spectacular!

We saw a few zebra, Impala and Kudu but not much this morning. The lions by far were our favorite and so amazing to see. WE got back to the River Lodge earlier this morning from the game drive to eat breakfast and then have our transfer over to Billy’s Lodge. The owners have two lodges and want the guests to stay at both of them so they split your time between the two lodges. On our way to Billy’s Lodge we had another herd of elephant standing in the middle of the road. One was a really big bull elephant and he stood in the middle fo the road for several minutes so there was no getting around or by him. Once the big guy moved out of the way we made our way past them and got trumpeted at again by young elephant.

Once we got to Billy’s Lodge, we said goodbye to Jochen and Mira. We then got got a tour of Billy’s Lodge and had some time to relax before lunch at 2pm. Brandon and I sat out on the bridge pergola and saw some giraffe and lots of birds! At 2pm was lunch and we had salad and spaghetti with meat sauce. After lunch a family of warthogs came close to the lodge, so we had fun watching them!

It was then time for our first game drive with the staff at Billy’s Lodge. Before we left, I got to talk to Brooke over face time, so that was nice to see her before she went to school! Our driver at Billy’s Lodge was France and our tracker was Conrite. Tonight, we saw giraffe, impala, rhino and leopard turtles. It also started lightening, so we came in from our game drive earlier than we typically do. For dinner I had chicken and Brandon had pork chops. After dinner, we then go to face time with Luke before we went to bed!


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