Nashville – Day 1

Today is Daddy’s 32nd Birthday and also the day we leave for Nashville. Since we knew we were leaving on his birthday, we celebrated a few days early. But it is also his birthday and even though we would be driving most of the day, I wanted to make him feel special. The kids and I got him his favorite snack for the road and I made a jar full of questions about Daddy to ask the kids. It was really cute how they answered them, it really shows how much they love and care for Brandon. Brandon seemed to like it and it gave the kids something to look forward to do in the car besides watch movies! We made a few stops during our trip to Nashville for the restroom or gas but we made it to Memphis for a late lunch and stopped at Uncle Lou’s chicken. We had eaten there before and really liked it, so we were excited to go back! The kids loved it as well and even got tattoos! We then made it to Nashville! We are staying with our friends Josh and Emily so that night for Brandon’s birthday we went out to eat at Monell’s and then had ice cream after! We had a long day but it was a great one and we hope Daddy had a great Birthday!


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