Nashville – Day 4

Today is our last full day in Nashville before we head back home. Brandon has to work today, so we dropped him off at coffee shop and the kids and I went to the zoo. I love going to zoos, especially ones i have never been to before. Since we are Dallas Zoo members, we got 50% off admission. I then bought tickets for the kids to ride the zip line ride, feed the lorikeets, feed the turtle and ride the train. Our day was full of adventure and even though it was quite humid we had a blast. Brooke had to ride the zip line ride by herself and she was so brave and did awesome! Luke and I rode together and Brooke even took a few pictures of Luke and I riding!

Our favorite part of the zoo though was the kangaroo exhibit! You got to walk in the exhibit and if the kangaroos were in arms reach or on the sidewalk you could pet them as much as you wanted. This was so cool and both kids loved this area! We also got to feed the tortoise’s which was more entertaining than I had expected! Again, the kids loved this and loved seeing the turtles follow them around! After we spent several hours at the zoo, we left and had a late lunch then went and picked up Daddy. Later that night, we all went out to eat at The Pharmacy and had a great burger dinner with Emily and Josh! We had a great time in Nashville and made some awesome memories!


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