Waco and Michelle’s

Our cousin Anna is a counselor at Sea World San Antonio this summer and asked if the kids wanted to come to camp. I went back and forth on whether or not we should, but in the end, I said yes. I mean how could I say no, its Sea World camp, I loved it as a kid and want my kids to experience it as well. Plus its a week in San Antonio at Sea World, its almost impossible to say no to. So we made plans and even though Brandon had to stay home and work, which we were sad about, we were also excited about camp! We left this morning and stopped in Waco to visit Baylor of course, see the bears and grab lunch at Freddy’s! We then got to Michelle’s house and it was so good to see her. Michelle was my room mate at Baylor and I just adore her to pieces. My kids got to meet her kids and just loved playing with each other! Brooke was in heaven over her having a baby that she could hold and play with. Noah and Wyatt are defiantly some cute kids and my kids sure loved them too! We had a great night catching up, talking, laughing and having dinner together! We have to leave early int he morning to get to Sea World so we went to bed tired from driving all day but ready for tomorrow adventure!


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