Sea World Camp Day 1

We left Michelle’s house pretty early because we weren’t too sure how traffic would be. We got there before the gates were open, so we had to wait a little bit, but it wasn’t bad! Brooke is in the Sharks group and Luke and I are in the Killer Whale group. Since Luke is so young, I had to go with him to his camp. His also was shorter than Brooke’s so after we got down with camp, we ate lunch and then went back into the park to do stuff until Brooke got out of her camp. Luke and I got to go to the Sea Lion and Otters first and Luke got his face painted like a walrus! He thought it was so funny and loved it! We also got to feed the sea lions which was pretty awesome and the highlight of Luke’s day! After the camps were over, we went back to Michelle’s to hang out with them, eat dinner and again catch up and talk about old times and just life! While Michelle was cooking, I was holding Wyatt and he kinda slumped over and actually fell asleep! It was the cutest thing ever and then I just got to hold him while he slept! I loved it and it has been awhile since I got to hold a baby and put them to sleep! We had a fantastic day and look forward to day two at Sea World camp but sure are going to miss Michelle and her family!


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