Dallas Zoo with Luke

The days Luke doesn’t have school, I like to try and do fun things with him! Today, he asked to go to the zoo, so he and I went, just the two of us and it was so much fun. I love spending time with my little guy and being at the zoo today with him was just the day I needed. Sometimes, I can get caught up in the, I need to get this done or we can’t go some where because stuff has to be done around the house, but today I didn’t worry about that and simply had fun with Luke! We fed the giraffes, saw the Cheetah up close, watched several animals eat breakfast and of course fed the birds. Our favorite bird Curtis landed on us right away and so we fed him all four of our sticks of food! Luke and I had a great day exploring and ended our time at the zoo with a ride on the carousel! I sure love my days with my sweet boy Luke!


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