Brooke had the day off from school today for her Fair Day. Last year we went and it was so crowded that we decided to do something different this year. Her fair day also is on Columbus Day which means even more people are off work and school. WE decided to go to the Arboretum and asked our friends Misty, Carley and Cutler to go with us. This place was the busiest I had ever seen it but we managed to still do things and have fun! We waited in line for almost an hour for the kids to get their face painted, but this is their favorite thing to do so we of course waited! Brooke chose a purple cat and Luke chose a white tiger! After they went to the petting zoo, ran around and got their faces painted, we went over to the children’s area. The kids love the children’s area and getting to do hand on activities! We had a great day at the arboretum with our friends and a great day off from school!


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