Soccer Saturday

Our Saturday’s typically involve one, if not two soccer games and I love it. Today, both kids had soccer games and both of them won their games! Luke loves soccer and when its game time, he turns on his speed and tries his best! Today, he scored 5 goals for his team! Brooke’s game was after Luke’s so we just stayed at the fields till it was her time to play. Brooke loves playing soccer and I love watching her! She keeps getting better and better and I love cheering for her and even though I am not suppose to per coaches request, I sometimes coach/yell for her on the sidelines. I am trying not to do this but it is really hard…. Brooke played her heart out today and did awesome! Her team won 4 to 1 and we will make it to the playoffs! We had a great morning at soccer and love watching our kids play and have fun!


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