Brooke is 8

My sweet Brooke turns 8 today! I am so proud of this girl and love her so much! This morning when she woke up, I made her mickey mouse pancakes for breakfast. Then for lunch, Brandon and I went up to her school to eat with her. She asked for Panda Express so that is what we brought her! I love making her feel special and having Mommy and Daddy eat lunch with her today sure lite her face up! After school, Brooke and I went on a little photo shoot and she sure had me laughing. She would pose herself or stand in a certain spot and ask me to take her picture! I enjoyed these time with just her and I and I think she is just beautiful and that the pictures really captured her personality and her beauty! That evening we met our family at Simply Fondue for dinner and dessert. Brooke chose the restaurant and could not wait for her birthday dinner here! We had an amazing day celebrating our sweet Brooke turning 8 and I think she thought it was pretty great too!


























My Sweet Brooke,
Words cannot even begin to describe how proud I am of you and how much I love you. Today, you turned 8 years old! You are a sweet heart and I love to watch you grow up and become this beauty young lady that you are. You are silly, smart, inquisitive, a little sassy at times, sweet and tender hearted! Your qualities are something I look up to and never want you to change! This summer you asked Jesus in your heart and so it makes this year one of the most memorable and awesome years for you because you now always have Jesus with you and never have to fear! You love for the Lord grows daily and you ask lots of questions! You can not wait to get baptized and ask often when that will happen! Some things you love right now are: watching movies, playing games, playing with your American Girl Dolls, asking lots of questions, you always want to know whats going on or whats coming up, you like to know whats going on, you love your brother even if he gets on your nerves at times, you love science and math, you love to snuggle or crawl into bed with mommy, you love your cat Mowy and have such a special relationship with him, you love having friends over and you simply have a heart to love and care for others! Even though its hard for me to believe you are 8 now, I remember every year and treasure it! You are such a joy to my life and I love the time I get to spend with you, the hugs and kisses I receive from you and the simple words “I love you” that you tell me! Baby girl I love you so much and wish you the best 8th Birthday!
Love always and forever,

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