Luke is 5!

My sweet baby Luke is now 5 years old, one whole hand! I say it every year and so I will say it again, times sure flies by fast. There are times I look at his face and can still see him as a baby or a two year old and think it wasn’t that long ago. I love each age and even though there are tough moments and days this little boy steals my heart every day. His sweet little voice when he says mama, or when he says “I just love you” it gets me every time! This year for Luke’s 5th birthday, we went to Disney World. We took Brooke when she turned 5 so it was now Luke’s turn! We actually hadn’t been back to Disney World since Brooke’s 5th birthday so we were all excited to go back! It had been way too long! My mom was going to go with us, but ended up in the hospital and then physical therapy so she had to stay back. We had a great time and loved celebrating our sweet Luke at Disney! When we get back from our trip, Luke will have his birthday party at a bounce house place to celebrate with his friends back home!






My Sweet baby Luke;
Yes I still call you baby because you will always be mommy’s baby. You tell me that you aren’t a baby and I always tell you, well you will always be my baby. You just smile and then move on! Luke, I can not tell you how proud I am of you and how much I love you. You are the sweetest yet most stubborn, hard headed little boy, yet steals my heart all in the same day! Your little voice when you say mama is still the cutest thing to me, even after it has been said three thousand times that day. You know how to make us laugh, and also how to make us super frustrated. You know what you want and you stick to that decision and no one will change your mind, unless its mommy or daddy and we make you after minutes of arguing with you, lol. I won’t have to worry about you being pressured into anything because when you have your mind made up, its made. I love that about you and even though its tough at times, I know its an amazing quality God has given you! You are such a fun kid and have such a fun personality. You make friends with anyone and are a little charmer, especially when it comes to mommy! This is your last year at home with Mommy before you start kindergarten in the fall and I am excited for you but also sad. I may have cried already thinking about you going into kindergarten. I have been so blessed to be spend each day with you and love each minute we get to spend together. Not having you home with me every day in the fall is going to be so hard for mommy (and maybe you some days) but I am excited to see you grow and learn. Baby boy you make me so happy and you know how to have fun and live life to the fullest!
Here are some things that you do and things I love about you:
You still love me to rock-a-bye you to sleep at night
You randomly through out the day tell me that you love me
You love your big sister Brooke and love to do what she does
You love to follow in Daddy’s footsteps and help him or do what he is doing even if it is just watching
You love having friends come over to our house
You can ride your bike with out training wheels
You can almost always fall asleep in the car
You love to argue, well if you don’t love it, you do it often
You think you are always right
You are a leader and helper
You love to fish
You love animals
You love being outside
You love to snuggle and snuggle with Mommy every day (I hope this never changes)
When you wake up, you always come to our room and crawl into bed with me to snuggle or just to talk
I would say you are a Mamma’s boy (we just won’t tell Daddy)
You are outgoing, fun, loving, cute, a charmer, sweet, funny and handsome
You love to play soccer
You love to swim
You like Monster trucks, race cars and motorcycles (i hope you never have any of these when you get older)
You love life and Love your family and we LOVE you so very much!
You are so smart and we are so proud of you and can’t wait for an amazing fun filled year as you are 5!

Mommy loves you so very much and I wish you the best and happiest 5th birthday! I love you sweet boy!

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