Luke is 6!

Today, my sweet sweet boy turns 6! I say it every year but wow it went by fast. The saying that days are long but years are fast is so very true. I am holding on to each day and each moment because each of these are so precious. So today, Brooke and I woke Luke up by singing Happy Birthday to him. He got the cutest smile on his face and then stood up to give me a hug. He whispered in my ear, “I think I grew overnight.” To say he is excited about his birthday today is an understatement, he is THRILLED! He has been counting down the days and today it’s finally here! I ordered him “Luke is 6” donuts, which he absolutely loved and of course they had to be served on the special birthday plate and milk in the birthday cup! I walked him and Brooke into school today, dropped off the cupcakes for him and his class and then waited for the announcements. His name got called over the announcements that it was his birthday and he wanted me to hear it and see his birthday pencil and pencil gripe that he would get. This little boy means the world to me and his sweet spirit is just something I cherish so much. For dinner we met up with our family at Peter Piper Pizza. We had never been there before but it looked fun, so that is what he chose for his birthday dinner.


My Sweet Luke,
Oh how I love you so very much. You make Mommy so proud and happy. Your thoughtfulness and kindness is just so special and I cherish it so very much. You think of others, you know when to say the right things, you make people feel special, you are kind, sweet, stubborn as heck but love unconditionally. You bring so much life to anything you are doing that you are just simply fun and enjoyable to be around. You can bring a smile or laugh to anyone’s face. You are so smart and love to read. You have caught onto reading so fast and are doing such a great job at it. You like school but love being at home with mommy and daddy. To be honest….I love that you desire to spend time with me and Daddy, I hope this never changes. Every year I like to reflect on things that you are doing and things you like, so here we go. You love being outside, if you can be outside you are there! Playing outside, riding your bike, jumping on the trampoline, riding your scooter, playing soccer, playing basketball, playing at the park, fishing, hunting and just exploring are your favorite things to do. You got to go hunting for your first time this year and you absolutely loved it. You were asleep most of the time in the deer stand and even slept through Daddy shooting a deer, but you still loved it and can’t wait to go back and do it again. You are are so very smart and always love to create things. You can find anything and build or create something unique. I always say you love to make gadgets or contraptions of some sort. You tie string, rope, or whatever you can find to objects and create things to function in a way you have thought out in your head. You are so creative and I just love this about you. I love to see the things you create or make. You love your sister and look up to her. You want to be in her room, play with her friends and just be involved and in the center of her world. You sometimes get on her nerves and I am pretty sure you do this on purpose and just think its funny. You are learning the books of the bible and almost have the whole old testament down. You also love reciting the fruit of the spirit and even though you call gentleness “genesis” you continue with great confidence that the way you say it is correct. You are so much fun and I am so blessed and honored to be your mom. As I rocked you to sleep last night, I asked you to look in my eyes and I told you how proud I was of you and that you are so sweet to me and that I love you so much. Tears filled your eyes and you began to cry. I told you that I didn’t mean to make you cry and your words were, “you didn’t make me cry mom.” You have such a tender and sweet heart and last night just showed that again. I sure love you buddy and am so very proud of you. Happy 6th Birthday!


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